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CHFP Featured on FOX 5 Morning News in DC

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In the 7:00 AM segment, Cara explains why Olympic-style weightlifting has gained recent popularity with a wide range of people interested in fitness. 


5-time CrossFit Games athlete Christy Phillips and CHFP athlete Jay Duffy demonstrate the snatch lift. 

In the 8:00 AM segment, Cara makes the case that weightlifting, when learned properly and at appropriate intensity, can be tremendously beneficial for preadolescent and adolescent children.


Kids from CrossFit Woodbridge are featured as well as their coach, Evy Voltaire, who provides her own surprise to the Morning News team. 

In the 9:00 AM segment, Holly learns that men and women of all ages can participate in Olympic weightlifting. 


Masters weightlifters Maggie Tiincher, Bronze medalist at the IWF Masters World Championships and Andrea Seward Smith, Masters World Champion are interviewed. 

Photo gallery of the morning coverage.

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