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CHFP is Celebrating Five Years: 2012-2017

April will mark the 5 year anniversary of CHFP in the D.C. metro region!! From the beginning, I wanted to establish a training facility in the region offering a training environment that replicated the focus and energy of some of the top training centers I had the privilege of training in over the years.

When I began as a Coach, there was a small handful of strictly weightlifting-only gyms in the U.S. that were business enterprises, where members actually paid for coaching from an expert coach (as opposed to a place to drop weights). In other words, there very few models for how to make a living off of coaching the Olympic lifts full-time, in person.

In 2012, we were invited to situate our training center within CrossFit South Arlington. Since that time, we've grown and matured in our vision to offer athletes an outstanding training environment and to provide weightlifting instruction and coaching. So much of our success today has been enabled through our partnership with CFSA. But our greatest thanks goes to the hundreds of athletes who have come through our doors and the dozens of CrossFit affiliates in the region who have trusted us to provide guidance and instruction to their coaches.

Five years in, we are 120+ members STRONG, sponsor a weightlifting team of 40+ active competitors, and are supported by a team of 8 dedicated coaches. And they say most small businesses fail in 5 years.

It is fitting that next weekend, during this anniversary month, the CHFP Weightlifting team will have athletes and coaches around the globe competing in local (Alexandria, VA), national (Gainesville, FL) and international championships (Bangkok, Thailand). The journey has been nothing short of amazing.


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