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Meet Report: CHFP Weightlifting at AO2

CHFP Weightlifting had a strong showing at the American Open Series II in Miami, FL. WE had seven athletes compete and the team had a mix of objectives with this meet. Some were training through the competition, nowhere near peak condition, while others were peaked for the meet as their biggest meet of the year.

Kelly Chang [58 kg] had a solid performance to kick off the CHFP Weightlifting team at the American Open Series II. Kelly went 5 for 6 with PR snatch of 58 kg and a best clean and jerk of 70 kg.

Brett Myers made it hos goal to qualify for American Open Series and made the best of the opportunity by making 5 of his 6 attempts with best lifts of 87 kg [SN] and 115 kg [CJ].

Katherine Lee [58 kg] had a strong 5/6 performance with best lifts of 75 kg [SN] and 96 kg [CJ], just missing a PR clean and jerk attempt at 100 kg.

John Bova [77 kg] spent most of the weekend as team coach and used the AO2 as a training meet in prep for AO3 in Grand Rapids, MI. John went 4 for 6 with best lifts of 97 kg [SN] and 127 kg [CJ].

Samantha Poeth​ [75 kg] earned a medal sweep on a 4/6 performance to go 87 kg/114 kg/201 kg and earning a Bronze in the snatch, Silver in the clean and jerk, and a Silver for the total.

Ambrea Watts [+90 kg] had a impressive debut at her first national qualifier. Ambrea combined a PR snatch of 74 kg with a 95 kg clean and jerk to set a new personal best total of 169 kg.

James A Weathers​ [105 kg] put in solid work with best lifts of 130 kg [SN] and 155 kg [CJ] to finish with a 285 kg total.


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