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CHFP Weightlifting shows up BIG at NOVA Open

CHFP Weightlifting brought a huge contingent of lifters to the 2017 NOVA Open. On Day 1, the team got off to terrific start with our youth athletes each going a perfect 6/6 to win Gold medals in their classes. 14 yo Morgan Bramble [53 kg] added 17 kilos to her competition PR total on best lifts of 53 kg [+9] in the snatch and 69 kg [+8] in the clean and jerk for a 122 kg total. She also exceeded the QT for the 2018 National Junior Championships.14 yo Natalie Andrews [58 kg] was training through the meet in prep for the American Open Finals. Natty looked sharp with best lifts of 63 kg [SN] and 72 kg [CJ] for a 135 kg total.Weighing in at 58.2 kg, 14 yo Delaney Edom competed light in the 63kg class and also reset her competition best lifts. Delaney increased her best snatch to 59 kg [+2] and her best clean and jerk to 72 kg [+3] for a PR total of 131 kg.

Competing in the Masters division, Amy Cohen Knowles [53 kg] combined a 44kg snatch with a 64kg PR clean and jerk for a 108 kg total. Alissa Gordon [58 kg] went 4/6 eith best lifts of 49kg [SN] and 63kg [CJ].

In the Senior division, Lucy Nguyen [48 kg] matched her personal best in the snatch with 53kg. After a easy CJ opener at 71kg, she just missed two hard-fought attempts at 75kg for the AO Final QT. Kelly Chang [58 kg] came to this meet prepped to hit big numbers and she delivered. Kelly went 5/6 with a best snatch of 57kg, a PR clean and jerk of 74kg, and a PR total of 131kg.

Masters lifter Dain Bentley [85kg] went 5/6 with best lifts of 80 kg [SN] and 106kg [CJ] for a 186kg total. Alex Pyron [77kg] matched that total kilo for kilo with a best snatch of 83kg and a best clean and jerk of 103kg.

Kat Lee [58 kg] closed Day 1 with a strong 5 for 6 performance to win her class. Using this as a training meet in prep for the AO Finals, Kat went 3/3 in the snatch with a best lift of 76kg, and finished with a best clean and jerk of 91kg.

On Day 2, Nick Bailey [85 kg] combined a 119kg snatch with a PR clean and jerk of 161kg for a 7kg increase to his PR total, qualifying him for the AO Finals in Anaheim. Jon Greg [94 kg] went 3/3 in the snatch to finish with 125kg, adding 5kg to his personal best. He followed with a 150kg clean and jerk to match his PR total of 275kg.

Masters athlete Heather Litvinoff [69 kg] had the meet of her life going 6 for 6 and checking off every goal for the competition. PR snatch [43kg] - check; PR clean and jerk [57kg] - check; Masters World QT [100kg] - check! Catherine Doyle [69 kg] also had a strong performance going 5/6 with a best snatch of 46kg and a PR clean and jerk of 60kg to match her competition best total of 106kg.

We had two athletes in the 75 kg class. Kristin Vdorick set new personal bests across the board lifting a PR snatch of 68kg, a PR clean and jerk of 98 kg toward a PR total of 166 kg. Samantha Poeth used the meet as a heavy training day in prep for the AO Finals in December. Sam made easy work of 87 kg [SN] and 116kg [CJ] for a 203kg total.

In her FIRST meet, Cara Notarfrancesco [+90kg] was a perfect 6 for 6, with best lifts of 60kg [SN] and 87kg [CJ]. Lena Mikulak [90kg] maintained her streak of going 6/6, adding kilos and PRs along the way. Today, she added 2 kg to her snatch with a best lift of 47kg, matched her best CJ with 55kg for a new PR total of 102kg. For good measure, she also hit the QT to participate in the 2018 American Open Series Masters competition. Ambrea Watts [+90kg] also knocked down PRs for snatch, clean and jerk and for total. Ambrea increased her personal best total by 4kg with best lifts of 78kg and 98 kg.

We had 3 athletes in the final session. Bill Metts [105kg] finished with a best snatch and a best clean and jerk of 116kg. Justin Hofmann​ [105kg] had a terrific meet going 6 for 6 and adding 10kg to his total with a PR snatch of 94kg and PR clean and jerk of 119kg. Brandon Davis​ [+105kg] was also on fire with a perfect 6/6 effort highlighted by a PR snatch of 116kg and 137kg clean and jerk for a 253kg.

So proud of the total team effort. As a team, 22 athletes made 82% of their attempts, collected 32 competition PRs, and earned numerous medals. A huge thanks to Asst. Head Coach John Bova for coordinating team support and running numbers, and to the CHFP Weightlifting team members who counted, loaded and cheered all weekend.


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