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Meet Recap: American Open Series II

CHFP Weightlifting traveled with 18 athletes to the 2018 American Open Series II held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The event had over 800 athletes who competed across four platforms over three days, July 27-29.

CHFP Weightlifting athletes and support squad.

We had two Youth athletes compete and they both delivered medal-winning performances. Morgan Bramble [53 kg/U17] combined a best snatch of 60 kg with a PR clean+jerk of 81 kg to match her competition best total of 141 kg, earning a Bronze medal in the snatch and Silver medals for clean and jerk and for the total.

Morgan Bramble PR clean and jerk with 81 kg.

Natalie Andrews [63 kg/U15] was a perfect six for six notching PRs on three lifts- 69 kg and 70 kg in the snatch, 82 kg in the clean and jerk for a personal best total of 152 kg [+7kg in the total]. Natty took home Gold in the snatch, Silver in the clean and jerk and Gold for total. Natty also earned a Youth qualification to the 2018 American Open Finals through her top three Sinclair score in the U15 age group.

Natalie Andrews earns Gold with this PR snatch of 70 kg.

We had had three Masters-age athletes take the platform and all earned medals for total in their age group and weight class. Heather Krause [W40/69] had best lifts of 58 kg and 63 kg to earn the Bronze medal. Dain Bentley [M40/94] earned Silver for the total with best lifts of 82 kg and 103 kg. Brandon Davis earned Bronze in the M35/+105 with best lifts of 114 kg in the snatch and 142kg in the clean and jerk for a 256 kg total.

In the Senior division, Fatima Khan [48 kg] had a very successful American Open Series debut. Fatima combined a best snatch of 48 kg with a PR clean and jerk of 59 kg to finish with a PR total of 107 kg (+4).

Samantha LaBille [53 kg] was successful on 5 of 6 attempts, putting up PRs across the board with personal bests in the snatch [51 kg], clean and jerk [63 kg], and adding 7 kg to her best total [114 kg].

We had two athletes in the 58 kg class. Chrissy Daniel, weighing in below the new 55 kg class, went 5 for 6 combining a PR snatch at 66 kg with a 87 kg clean and jerk for a 153 kg total to earn qualification to the American Open Finals. Kelly McCabe was credited with a best snatch of 68 kg and went 3/3 in the clean+jerk to finish with a PR at 88 kg for a 156 kg total.

Chrissy Daniel (right) with PR snatch, Kelly McCabe with 88 kg PR clean and jerk.

in the 63 kg class, Elise Caron had best lifts of 76 kg [snatch] and 94 kg [clean and jerk] for a 170 kg total and a 6th place finish. Marissa Gaab breezed through six flawless attempts to capture Silver in the snatch with a PR 83 kg, Gold in the clean and jerk with a PR 107 kg and Gold for the total with a personal best 190 kg.

Marissa Gaab wins Gold in the 63 kg class.

Candace Brown, who historically has competed in the 63 kg class and will continue in the 64 kg class, used this event as a train through meet and competed in the 69 kg class. In a solid 5 for 6 performance, Candace combined a best snatch at 70 kg with a PR clean and jerk of 90 kg for a PR total at 160 kg.

Ashley Bruce competed in the 75 kg class but weighed in below the new 71 kg class. Ashley put up solid numbers with best lifts of 74 kg and a PR clean and jerk at 96 kg for a 170 kg total and 7th place in the 75 kg class.

In the 77 kg class, Steve Yanda also competed "light" weighing in below the new 73 kg class. Steve was credited with 97 kg in the snatch, and got on a roll in the clean and jerk going 3 for 3 with a personal best lift of 133 to finish with a 230 kg total. Wardell Bradley was a perfect 3 for 3 in the snatch with a best lift of 103 kg and added a best clean+jerk of 116 kg to finish with 219 kg total.

In the 85 kg class, Roman Rodriguez and Onzy Elam II picked up PRs and medals. Following a best snatch of 119 kg, Roman fought for this PR clean and jerk of 149 kg to increase his personal best total to 268 kg. Onzy won Gold in the snatch and Silver for the total with best lifts of 130 kg [SN] and 152 kg [CJ] to match his competition best total of 282 kg.

Onzy Elam II takes home Gold in the snatch.

Justin Rittenhouse [94 kg] put up a personal best snatch of 127 kg and claimed two Bronze medals in the clean and jerk [168 kg] and for total [295 kg].

Justin Rittenhouse stood on the podium twice.

As a team, our 18 athletes set 22 PRs and collected 17 medals- 5 🥇 8 🥈 4 🥉, and earned two more spots at the AO Finals. Equally important, all proved with success (and in response to some adversity) their capability to develop as true competitors. And of course, no success on the platform occurs without a tremendous amount of support off of it. Our outstanding support squad was led by CHFP Weightlifting Team Coordinator Heather Krause who offered a steady hand throughout the weekend.


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