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CHFP Squad Brings Home Big Medal Haul from Nationals Week

CHFP Weightlifting brought a relatively small squad of five lifters to USA Weightlifting Nationals Week, but the results were BIG with the team producing 8 personal bests and earning a huge medal haul of six GOLD medals, 3 SILVER medals and two BRONZE medals.

In the National Youth Championships, Fionn McCabe [76 kg] earned a Silver medal sweep with a 4/6 performance.Fionn combined a 72 kg snatch with a personal best clean and jerk at 95 kg for a PR total at 167 kg!

Scoreboard: x72*-72*-x74*/90-93-95*/167*

Youth athlete Fionn McCabe (left) with Coach Cara Heads Slaughter

In the National Junior Championships, Team USA members Natalie Andrews, Avery Owens and Sarah Uschmann all produced peronal best lifts and medal-winning performances.

Natalie earned Bronze medals in the snatch and for total with a 89 kg snatch and a personal best 111 kg clean and jerk to finish with a 200 kg in an exciting 76 kg session. Scoreboard: 87-89-x91/109‐111*‐x114*/200

Avery Owens [87 kg] earned her second Junior National Champion title with a stunning performance with PRs in the snatch [100 kg], clean and jerk [p125 kg] and for total [225 kg] and earning a Gold medal sweep!

Scoreboard: 94-97-100*/122‐125*‐×127*/225*

Sarah [87+] was absolutely outstanding in the final session of the National Junior Championships. In a 5/6 performance, Sarah combined a best snatch of 101 kg with a huge PR 118 kg clean and jerk adding 9 kg to her personal best total! She also made a terriffic 120 kg clean and jerk which was unfortunately overturned by the jury for bar oscilation (a correct call). Sarah secured a Gold medal sweep and earned the title of Junior National Champion. Scoreboard: 97-99-101/115*-118*‐×120*/219*

Junior athletes (l-r) Natalie Andrews, Avery Owens and Sarah Uschmann with Coach Cara Heads Slaughter

In the National Senior Championships, Team USA member Kristi Brewer looked sharp with some speedy snatches but also incured slight press out issues and was not able to get a succesful lift recorded. As expected, Kristi [64 kg] came back like a champion and produced three "text book" clean and jerks finishing with a best lift of 110 kg.

Scoreboard: ×81-×81-×82/104-107‐110/0

Kristi Brewer (second from left) with Coach Cara Heads Slaughter, Sarah Uschmann and Avery Owens.



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