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The Weightlifting Educational Series

The Weightlifting Educational Series offers athletes and coaches education and practical, hands-on instruction on the snatch and clean and jerk with Olympian Cara Heads Slaughter. 


All programs emphasize proper technique as the critical foundation for learning, performing and coaching the snatch, the clean and the jerk. Attendees will learn how to:


  • Become significantly more efficient in the lifts 

  • Improve speed and power

  • Identify and correct bad habits

  • Integrate important exercises and progessions to significantly improve their technique 


Teams and gym owners have the option of attending classes, clinics and seminars at CHFP's training location in Alexandria, VA, or you may choose to have Cara present a clinic, coaches seminar or mini camp at your gym. 


Gym Owners: Complete the Event Request form and reserve a clinic or seminar at your facility.  

2019 Coaches Academy Graduates
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