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CHFP Squad Excels at U25 Nationals, LV International Open

CHFP Weightlifting sent a small squad of five elite athletes to compete at U25 Nationals and the Las Vegas International Open held in advance of teammate Avery Owens competing at the IWF Youth World Championships also to be held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

First up at the U25 Nationals was Youth athlete Morgan Bramble who returned to weightlifting competition in spectacular fashion. Competing in the 55 kg class, Morgan combined a PR snatch at 67 kg with a 83 kg clean and jerk to post a PR total of 150 kg and earned Bronze medals in the clean and jerk and for total in the 55 kg class.

Morgan Bramble with a personal best 67 kg in the Snatch event.

Kelly McCabe delivered a PR performance in the 59 kg class. Following a best snatch of 71 kg, Kelly went a perfect 3 for 3 in the clean and jerk with a personal best at 90 kg.

Kelly McCabe sets up for a 90 kg PR clean and jerk.

Youth athlete Bella Rivera, who will turn 14 in two weeks, put up a flawless, 6 for 6 performance with EVERY attempt a competition PR. In the end, Bella [64 kg] finished with best lifts of 70 kg (snatch) and 85 kg (clean and jerk) adding 17 kilos to her competition total!

Bella Rivera delivered a personal best snatch at 70 kg.

15 year old Natalie Andrews made her debut in the 71 kg class at these championships and produced a impressive performance. Natalie was successful on 5 of 6 attempts collecting one personal best in the snatch at 73 kg and two personal bests in the clean and jerk at 90 kg and 92 kg to increase her PR total to 165 kg.

Natalie Andrews' sets a new personal best in the clean and jerk with 92 kg.

Making her debut in International competition, Marissa Gaab-Vance delivered a stellar PR performance at the Las Vegas International Open. Marissa [64 kg] picked up personal bests in the snatch with 87 kg and in the clean and jerk with 109 kg, missing a hard-fought PR attempt at 112 kg by majority decision.

Marissa Gaab-Vance picks up a PR 109 kg clean and jerk on her second attempt.

In a weekend filled with outstanding performances at both events, our five-member squad produced 4 snatch PRs, 4 clean and jerk PRs and four PRs for total.

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