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CHFP Squad Collects Huge Medal Haul at 2022 NAOF

CHFP squad at the North American Open Finals in Atlanta. l-r standing: Head Coach Cara Heads Slaughter, Avery Owens, Clementina Russo, Liz Korchnak, Heather Krause, Ambrea Watts, Sarah Uschmann, Brian Leung, Joe Vercellone, Karen Agena; in front: Fionn McCabe, Angelica Christopher

CHFP Weightlifting brought 12 athletes to the USAW North American Open Finals at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, GA, producing many competition PRs and collecting 26 medals‐ 17 Silver, and 9 Bronze.

Over four days beginning on December 1, USA Weightlifting produced a monumental competition with 1,000+ athletes. The Georgia International Convention Center is a great venue and its proximity to affordable hotel options and to ATL provided for a first-rate experience.

Four CHFP athletes took the platform on Day 1. Masters athlete Karen Agena for showed tremendous fight and grit to produce a 127 kg total. Karen finished with best lifts of 55kg in the snatch and 72kg in the clean and jerk for a Silver medal sweep in the W40/55 class.

In a terrific 5/6 performance, Junior athlete Hannah Dunn snatched 69 kg and breezed through three strong attempts in the clean and jerk with a top lift at 90 kg.

Masters athlete Clementina Russo delivered an outstanding 6for6, PR performance and collected three Bronze medal. In the snatch, Clem [W40/64] added 4 kilos to her personal best at 50 kg. She followed with three solid clean and jerks with a best lift of 69 kg and PR total at 129 kg.

Masters athlete Brian Leung [M35/73kg] closed the first day of lifting with a medal-winning performance with a best snatch at 92 kg and a best clean and jerk at 111 kg for a 203 kg total. For his efforts, earned one Silver and two Bronze medals.

On Day 2, Masters athlete Ashley Burnell [W35/71] brought the joy and crushed weights this morning with best lifts of 54kg in the snatch and 70kg in the clean and jerk.

Masters athlete and CHFP WL Team Coordinator Heather Krause [W40/76] was successful on 4 of 6 attempts posting best lifts of 54kg in the snatch and 66kg in the clean and jerk for a solid 120 kg total.

On Day 3, Youth athlete Fionn McCabe enjpyed a spectacular PR, medal-winning performance this morning at the North American Open Finals. In a strong 5/6 performance, Fionn [76kg] combined a personal best snatch at 75 kg with a personal best in the clean and jerk at 97 kg for a 172 kg PR total. A well-earned Silver medal sweep in the Y16-17/76kg class is a stellar way to end a very nice Youth career.

Masters athlete Angelica Christopher [W35/76] posted top lifts of 79 kg in the snatch and 96kg in the clean and jerk for a 175 kg total to earn Masters Silver medals in the snatch and for total.

Masters athlete Liz Korchnak was on fire in the snatch, going 3/3 with a best lift of 56 kg. Liz followed that with a 66 kg clean and jerk for a 122 kg total. Liz's effort earned a Silver medal sweep in the W45/81class.

On the fourth and final day of competition, Masters athlete Ambrea Watts went 5/6, combining a best snatch at 81 kg with a 110 kg clean and jerk for a 191 kg total. Ambrea's best lifts and total earned a Bronze and 2 Silvers in the W35/+87 class.

It was a shorter than expected day on the platform for Junior athlete Avery Owens. In the snatch, Avery produced a best lift of 97kg, good to secure a Bronze medal- Avery's first Senior medal at a NAOFinals event. During the last warm up preceding the clean and jerks, Avery experienced significant discomfort in the right knee. Out of an abundance of caution and care, the decision was made to scratch and place energy on a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing what Avery does in senior-level competition in 2023.

Junior athlete Sarah Uschmann produced an exceptional, medal-winning performance in the closing session at the event. Sarah was a perfect 6/6 with a best snatch at 101 kg and a personal best in the clean and jerk at 121 kg. Sarah's snatch and personal best total at 222 kg earned two well-deserved Bronze medals in the +87 kg class.



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