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Medals and PRs collected at Virtual Senior/Youth Nationals, AO Finals

As with many events scheduled in 2020, USA Weightlifting conducted the Youth Nationals, Senior Nationals and the American Open Finals online in a virtual format. The CHFP Weightlifting has seven athletes compete across the three events- Bella Rivera and Natalie Andrews in Youth Nationals, Morgan Bramble in the AO Finals, and Kristi Brewer, Onzy Elam, Marissa Gaab, and Avery Owens entered in both the AO Finals and National Championships.

Bella Rivera was first up in the National Youth Championships. Bella (71kg/U15) produced a spectacular PR performance combining a best snatch of 77kg with a personal best clean and jerk at 100 kg to add 7 kg to her best total and a gold medal sweep! Scoreboard: 74-77-x79*/93‐97*‐100*/177*

Seventeen year old Morgan Bramble doesn't turn eighteen until later in the month, but she ended her eligibility as a Youth athlete in 2019. Now a Junior athlete, Morgan [55 kg] competed in the American Open Finals and produced a PR sweep with personal bests in the snatch [69kg], the clean and jerk [86kg] and for total [155kg] to finish in the 5th place. Scoreboard: 64-67-69*/83‐86*‐x90*/155* (5th)

Top-ranked Kristi Brewer is a new member of the CHFP Weightlifting team. Kristi [59 kg] had to train with a thumb injury in recent weeks but still made the decision to travel to the east coast and compete in THE national event of 2020. Although not in top form (at least to her standard), Kristi still produced respectable lifts with a best snatch of 81 kg and a best clean and jerk at 105 kg which a earned a Silver medal in the AO Finals before making the decision to pass on her final attempt.

Natalie Andrews delivered a HUGE PR performance in the National Youth Championships this morning. Successful on 5 of 6 attempts, Natalie [71kg/U17] finished with competition bests of 85kg in the snatch and 104kg in the clean and jerk for a 189kg total. A Silver medal sweep and an outstanding conclusion to her career as a Youth athlete. Looking ahead to Juniors, Natalie's total placed her high on the ranking list for Team USA that will compete at the Junior World Championships in 2021. Scoreboard: 81*-83*-85*/100*-x103*-104*/189*

Marissa Gaab was outstanding with a medal-winning performance at the National Championships and American Open Finals. In a strong 5/6 effort, Marissa [71kg] produced a 207 kg total with a best snatch at 88kg and a PR clean and jerk at 119 kg! Marissa hauled in Silver medals in the clean and jerk in both the National Championships and American Open Finals; a Silver for total in the AOF and a Bronze for total in the National Championships. Scoreboard: 85-88x92*/112-115-119*/207

Onzy Elam II [89kg] went 3 for 3 in the snatch with a best lift of 140kg and added 161kg in the clean and jerk to finish with a 301 kg total. Scoreboard: 133-137-140/×161-161-×165/301

Junior athlete Avery Owens produced a medal-winning performance in the National Championships and American Open Finals. Avery combined a best snatch at 84 kg with a best clean and jerk at 113 kg. Avery's solid effort earned Bronze medals in the clean and jerk and for total in the AO Finals, and her 197 kg total placed her #3 on the Team USA ranking list for Junior Worlds assuring an invitation for her third consecutive World team. Scoreboard: ×84-84-×87/110-113-×115/197



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